Welcome to the home of Little Bardfield Village Cricket Club.

Established in 1919 and still based in the small, picturesque Essex village of Little Bardfield northwest of Braintree, our teams participate in the top local leagues: the 1st XI play in the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties and the Sunday XI play in the North Essex Cricket League. As well as our senior teams’ regular achievements, we are particularly proud of our strong club youth system, which actively encourages promising young talent to work their way up to 1st XI level, and often beyond. The regional Colts League was set up 20 years ago by the then club’s Chairman, Mick Kemp and currently boasts an under-15s and under-12s team.

Little Bardfield Village Cricket Club’s emblem is the oxslip, or ‘Bardfield Oxlip’ – one of the very few plants in our flora to carry the name of an English village. The oxlip is closely woven into the fabric of Bardfield’s village life, ever since botanist Henry Doubleday concluded in 1842 that the oxlip was not simply a hybrid between cowslips and primroses – conclusions drawn from material collected in Bardfield and subsequently confirmed by one Charles Darwin.